Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eating Omily: Delicious, Delicious Cheese-Consider your Farmer's Market!

Today is really a bad day to blog about Delicious, Delicious Cheese: it's Ash Wednesday. So I'm fasting. Which I'm really bad at.

However, the fine folks at Consider Bardwell Farm deserve a blogpost, if ever a Farmer's Market merchant deserved one, so they're getting one, whether I can eat their cheese today or not!

And no, I'm not encouraging you to consider Bardwell Farm; I'm urging you to patronize Consider Bardwell Farm, named after, Consider Bardwell himself. (He had a grandmother named Experience; go figure!)

Three-hundred acres of beautiful, rolling, pesticide and fertilizer-free grass in Vermont are grazed by Jersey cows, and Oberhasli goats, and their milk is made into truly spectacular cheeses in the finest European traditions. Whether you adore gooey, pungent cheeses for appetizer trays, bright, sharp cheeses for your afternoon sandwich, nutty, hard cheeses for grating over your pasta, tangy goat cheeses for crumbling in your salad, or simply Oh My God[dess]! Good cheeses for slicing with a knife and eating while standing at the counter (and Rupert, I'm looking at you!), Consider Bardwell Farm has a cheese that will have you over the moon, even if those sweet-eyed Jerseys can't quite make that leap...

And the ready? About $5.50 a quarter pound. Can you get cheaper cheese? Oh, sure! Can you get cheaper cheese that you know is good for you, good for your planet, good for the animals that produced it, and good for your economy? I'm thinking, no. And yes, if you aren't lucky enough to live in NYC, you can order from their website and take the price of shipping cheese cross country onto yourself, instead of outsourcing it in the form of lower quality, and a sadder planet.

I could wax poetic about this stuff all day, but sooner or later I'm going to start making myself hungry. Get on out there to the Union Square Farmer's Market, last I saw they were there on Mondays, and have yourself a taste of this stuff! Choose a type, or two, and bring it on home, and feel really good about your saturated fat consumption. Doing the right thing just so happens to be the thing that tastes the best. Hop on the bandwagon! Consider your Farmer's Market...

And please, try the Rupert!


  1. What a delicious post today! I can picture the farm in Vermont and would love to taste all their products!

  2. Great idea, Em! I would never think to buy cheese at my farmer's market -- I usually get produce -- but will keep my eyes open next time I shop. I hope your fast went well. xo style,she wrote

  3. Once you start looking, it's really mind-blowing all the things you can get at the Farmer's Market: beautiful flowers, hand-made pretzels, maple suger candy and syrup, yogurt, beer, wine, fresh pasta, duck eggs, ostrich meat, rabbit meat, honey and bees' wax, lavender, sheep's wool, dog treats, cat grass...

    just off the top of my head, mind you! ;-)


  4. We'll be starting at Union Square on Fridays too from April 6th- Consider