Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back on the Schedule, Better than Ever

Today is the fourth day of the Meditation Challenge!

Am I enlightened yet?

I think I'd feel better about this whole thing if I had managed to meditate BEFORE midnight at least once. It feels sort of like cheating to tack it onto the end of an already packed day.

"Ok, we're getting in bed...STOP! Meditation Time..."

Oh, but that makes me smile. The fact is, I'm doing it! This may be the first time ever I've meditated for three days running, and today I can perhaps take the time to meditate before bedtime, just to experience my evening post-meditation, instead of just enjoying how much easier it is to feel good, grateful, and at peace, therefor drifting me off into dreamland much faster than usual. To follow my meditation progress daily, check out my Meditation Challenge blog posts here! 2012 has been such an amazing year. I'm learning so much this February, and I'm beginning to see that, wow, I've grown, and changed already!

My 4:00 class at Jaya was a small one, so we got to really break down Earth Salutations, get playful in our hips, and enjoy some delicious free time at the end. I walked out to put my shoes on glowing and ready to meet my husband and sister-in-law in the city, only to have the work studier on duty ask me if I could wait around for the 5:30 teacher to arrive-she was running late due to a train malfunction, and I might need to get the next class started and hold the space for them until she arrived.

Well, I couldn't say no to an opportunity like that, and anyway, I'm not capable of leaving yoga students in a lurch. I waltzed back in, plugged my iphone back into the dock, and smiled at the (much larger!) class before me. We took a few minutes in meditation, did some spinal warm-up...and still no I turned on my bad-ass yoga playlist and away we went into Sun Salutations, me offering alignment suggestions and encouragements all along the way. We got all the way through my Warrior series. The energy was fantastic; I was riding the high that is, I'm convinced, unique to teaching an awesome yoga class, when the sliding door at the back of the room squeaked, and a chagrined teacher crept in. I have to acknowledge the little voice in the back of my brain that almost wished she wouldn't come, so I could take this lovely group all the way to their well-deserved Savasana, for by now I loved every one: cute boy whose hips wouldn't square, sassy teacher trainee with the kick-ass tripod headstand, courteous older man struggling gamely with his knee alignment in the front row.

As it was though, I let them know I'd get them back to Down Dog and leave them with Sammi. She got herself set up while I made a few last adjustments. I grabbed my iphone, and offered my gratitude and farewell on the way out the door. A chorus of thank you's followed me, with a couple shout-outs of "Great Music!" harmonizing beautifully...Oh, Namaste, you 5:30 Flow and Restore Lovelies! I hope we can meet again...

Maybe it was because I had already taught that small class to break the ice...but this was the second class I had taught since November, and I was in THE ZONE in a way I don't think I've ever been before! Keeping track of music volume and style while simultaneously remembering what foot we're on? No problem! Roving my eyes constantly around the room to know what aspects of alignment need to be touched upon? On it! Slipping seamlessly from row to row, getting where I need to be to make the adjustments that need to be made? Piece o' cake. Letting loose, having FUN, and using my voice to keep everyone present and clear? Sheer joy.

And oh, what a sad comedown, going from my perfectly orchestrated little yoga world to the madness of Trader Joe's, Manhattan! It's hard to quite make the adjustment from being benevolent supreme dictator to just another yahoo no one has to listen to...of course, I'm always telling my students, they should listen to their bodies first, and me second. They never ACTUALLY have to do what I tell them, and my very favourite classes are the ones in which students take that advice to heart.

You guys, it's been amazing having extra time and energy to delve into more tarot study, more art, more writing...but it is so so good to be teaching again! Just the most indescribably incredible feeling ever...

Catch my next class two weeks from yesterday: February 17th at Jaya Yoga East (not to be confused with the Park Slope Location!) from 4:00-5:15. It's open-level, and donation-based, so it's perfect for everyone! I promise playful music, playful sequencing, perceptive adjustments, and eye-opening dialogue. Let's yoga!

Love, love, love living Omily,

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  1. Great post, Emily! I would love to take one your classes. Will try next time I am in NY! xo style, she wrote