Monday, January 16, 2012

Window (to your Subconscious) Shopping, and Sleeping on the Mat

We had a late night last night, and got off to a slow start today, but by 4:00 we were out the door for a leisurely walk through Windsor Terrace, all the way to Bartel Pritchard Square for a bagel, or a muffin as it turned out, and then we caught the F up to 14th street. We picked up a dozen eggs, two bunches of organic carrots (for $5!), and a hunk of farm-fresh gouda cheese...mmmmm...and then spent the next half hour choking on incense while I exclaimed over every other tarot deck I picked up. I am just so super-excited about some of these decks. If you're in the market for one, and you're not particularly superstitious about it needing to be a gift from someone else, I really encourage you to check out some of these, and if you're in the area, you can pick them up from a small, locally owned shop on 14th Street, just west of 5th Avenue.

So first, there's the tarot deck designed by Salvador Dali (Swoon!!!)
Click here to check it out!

The Paulina tarot, which, just, this artwork really speaks to me. It's very...Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland...but sweeter...
And click here...

And then there's the Aquarian Tarot, which caught my eye because I'm an Aquarius. These images are, clean, boldly and darkly colored, and very in-your-face...also a bit geometric perhaps...
And here...

Fantastical Creatures Tarot caught my eye because I'm deeply in love with a folklore book of mine called, Dragons, Unicorns, and Other Magical Beasts, which includes an encyclopedia of just about every mythical creature humans from all over the world have ever conjured. Love it.
And here, too...

Cat's Eye Tarot has kitties! Cute kitty cats yay!!! I'm into this one because I'm a little cat-obsessed...P.S. this website is for giving your cat three-card tarot readings. Yes.
OMG Kitties!!!

And last but not least, The Gay Tarot! I was just really excited to see this one because I believe, and I love the idea that other people do, too, that the tarot is for everybody, and there is, or at least should be, a tarot deck for everybody: one that speaks to your story. Kooky cats and pastel linework for me...racially-mixed gay lovers for the (awesomely) radically inclusive!
And get radical here!

And yes, I know, the blog's been really tarot-heavy lately. I promise there's a good (awesome) reason for that, and I'm so so hopeful that my next blog post will be aaaaall about it! In the meantime, I want to give you a bit of a break, if you can tear your eyes away from those incredible images...and stop giving your cat tarot readings for oooone minute...

Please raise your hand if you've fallen asleep during Savasana. I'm guessing over half of you are mentally keeping an arm in the air, and the rest of you are confused as hell because, a.) you've next experienced Savasana, or b.) savasana is the bane of your existence because you're so keyed up after an awesome yoga class that being told to relax, hold still, and slow your thoughts strikes you as just absolutely ass-backward and stupid.

I'd have a hand raised for sure, if both weren't employed typing. I love grown-up nap time at the end of a powerful Assana experience. Let my body grow heavy? Yes, please! Let go of my thoughts? Ok, I'm really trying, I promise, but if I'm even a little bit sleepy, three minutes in I'm following an imaginary creature down a primrose path to some really trippy dreams.

Falling asleep during Savasana, that final relaxation at the end of most yoga classes, can feel like an accomplishment. I mean, hell yeah, you are one relaxed yogi, and can you get a high five for that Om-like snore?? To some extent, yes, it's a step in the right direction. Having my husband in my yoga classes is a great exercise in self-discipline for me because I am just dying to walk over there and Hold. His. Twitchy. Feet. STILL for the entire ten minutes. Learning to release or re-channel the energy you created through your practice so you can reach a state of deep relaxation during Savasana is a lot tougher for some people than it is for others. Your best tool to get there is to use your breath. Try to let each inhale and each exhale be just a little deeper, and just a little slower, till your heart rate, and your mind, slow down, too.

If you've made it over that hurdle though, and you find yourself drifting into dreamland, then it's time for challenge number two: DON'T fall asleep. Be at such a level of comfort and peace you COULD fall asleep, but be so aware of, and present to, your body in these moments, that you can't. Feel every sensation, every air current, every pressure point, every creak of the floorboards, ever settling bone and tendon. Feel the air moving into your nostrils, feel the shape of your curled fingers, feel supremely AWAKE at your most restful.

Does that sound like a bad joke, or possibly one of those crazy Taoist riddles? That's why Savasana, beautiful, peaceful, nothing-required-of-your-body Savasana, is the hardest pose we do.

Next time you find yourself there, give yourself a moment to just relish being there, and then, work on your alignment. Get heavier. Get slower. Get. More. Present and Aware.

Good luck!

live Omily,

P.S. So, I read this fun fashion blog called Style, She Wrote, and I happened to mention in a comment that I would so love to see a post on affordable, beautiful yoga styles, and you can only imagine my thrill when they wrote the post, mentioned me by name in the TITLE, and even linked to my blog! And yes, it gets better: the clothes are beautiful, and after you buy them, you'll have money left over for a raw vegan lunch and a donation to the charity of your choice. Sweeeeeet!!! Check them out here! If you're lucky enough to have a chance to ditch the sweats every once in a while, you'll be glad you did!


  1. Great post, Emily! I love Dali and never knew he designed a Tarot deck. So cool! Thanks for sharing the link! xo style, she wrote

  2. I first found out about the Dali Deck in Espaca Dali in Paris (which, wow, if you haven't been, get there next time you're in Paris!), but this was the first time I ever got a good look at it-soooo cool! It seems like such a natural extension of his work that he would design a tarot deck: all those archetypes, co-existing belief systems, and the images are already on the surreal side of things. I love Dali, too, and having him design a tarot deck makes him my hero!


  3. Thanks for sharing this Emily. Really nice post!