Monday, January 23, 2012

Reki! And, The Omily Tarot: The Ace of Swords

Wow! Yesterday from 10-5 I got my Reiki Attunement from the Sapientia Oscen Reiki College. I thought I'd wait till today to post about it to give me some time to process, but I still can't really wrap my brain around it in a way that translates it into snappy paragraphs...

What I CAN tell you is, Reiki is the Wind Horse: powerful, healing energy you ride where it needs to go. Reiki works on the energetic body, and the physical body, but always the energetic body first. It balances the chakras, breaks through blockages, and brings healing and peace.

Yeah, yeah, but what does it FEEL like? Not much of anything sometimes. Sometimes it feels like all the molecules in my hands are vibrating. Sometimes my hands feel warm. Really, unnaturally warm. If the part of my body that I'm Reiki-ing feels cold, then it's a really strange sensation: like my hands are the inside of my mouth right after I brushed my teeth with really minty toothpaste...if I've been doing it for a while, I can feel how open my Crown Chakra is, and the energy flowing into it. I have to take a few minutes to enfold the petals back around it once I'm done when it gets like that, because it feels too open and vulnerable for comfort.

When I'm receiving Reiki it's a lot of the same stuff, tingling, warmth...when the top of my head is Reiki'd that's the best; I can feel the energy flowing down my whole body along my spine.

But it's different for everybody. It doesn't really matter if you feel warm and tingly or just relaxed and tempted to giggle, if you see bright colors, your dead Grandma, or just the back of your eyelids. The proof is in the pudding. How do you feel afterwards?

Well, my staunchly skeptical husband told me this morning that his back felt better. My eczema looks better, and the place on my leg where I accidentally scratched all the skin off and it was weepy, blistery, red, and stinging like a bitch for days doesn't hurt anymore this morning!

I'm on day 2 of a 21-Day process toward self-healing and full attunement. At the end of those three weeks, my Chakras will all be singing the tune of Reiki, vibrating at a higher, healing frequency, and I'll be ready to share Reiki healing with everyone. Can't wait!
Siamese Kitty loves Reki kitty!

Oh yes, also, you're due another Tarot Interpretation today! As I continue to work with my tarot journal, and offer professional readings, I suspect I'll be treated to incredible insights that will necessitate revisions to my interpretations, but enjoy these previews of the finished product. Let them make you think, feel, question, and act! This just happens to be my favourite suit at the moment. I've been way into it for, oh, maybe a year now...It only makes sense. I was all about cups when I was younger, and as I grow, literally and spiritually, I'm progressing to the next suit...which is not to say I won't cycle back through and go all out of order, phone/camera is charging, so I'm just image-searching a picture of the card in question. It's the same deck I always use for this purpose: Waite-Smith, just not specifically my personal deck. Which is fine. It's just an image, you guys. I was just journaling about the Ace of Swords in my tarot journal yesterday, so I'm really excited to break out this interpretation and share it with you, new insights included!

Another interesting synchronicity is that Today is the beginning of a roughly two-month astrological event that only happens every two years: Mars is going Retrograde. Instead of charging ahead, all yang and action (it rules men, war, action...masculine concepts like that), it slips slowly backward, urging us to reassess our plans and dreams, pare away those not serving us or not really our own, and lay a firm foundation for forward motion at the end of this cycle. This process follows the process through the tarot suits that I've discussed briefly in each interpretation. Go back to Staves and Cups if you don't remember, or just tuned in. Read on about swords to see the connection between Mars Retrograde, and my Suit of the Moment:
Ace of Swords:

This is the aerialist in me talking, but the first thing I notice about this card is the firm, thumb-under grip the hand has on the sword: it’s far more secure than the gentle thumb-up grasp on the stave, and far more effective if you intend to swing that thing around. A crown encircles the point of the sword, and greenery is draped on either side of it. The jagged mountain range below suggests this is a particularly challenging path.

Staves can be seen as a weapon, but more often they appear as walking sticks or wands. There is no such ambiguity with swords: they are designed for destruction. Swords represent the element of air though, so if your plan was to avoid them you’ve only got as long as you can hold your breath! Air deals with our intellect-our thoughts spoken and unspoken, as well as written (The pen is mightier than the sword!). The Biblical proverb about the tongue being a restless beast full of deadly poison is about this overt shadow aspect of swords. The crown at the top is hints at this, too: it shows us the nobility of this path, but that nobility can easily tip into self-righteousness. The two branches hanging off the crown are, an olive branch for peace, and a palm branch, which can mean holiness, or suffering. The warning may be that you may have to suffer to stick up for something you really believe in, the equal wait of peace reminds us not to be too quick to stick our sword down anyone else’s throat.

A sword in the hands of a professional is a powerful tool, cutting through our bullshit and getting down to the truth, the highest good of this element. The single sword in this card represents the single highest truth, the pure knowing and understanding we all aspire to. That doesn’t only apply to academics: after being inspired by fire, and nurtured by water, the swords cut away what isn’t useful, leaving us with the knowledge that we are on the right path, so we can put in the hard work necessary and make those dreams a reality. After being fired up with passion, and taking the time to dream of where that passion may take us, the time has come to cut away all the pipe dreams--the options that aren’t useful to us. It may seem harsh, but this pruning process is essential to true success. We can’t run down every road, or chase every dream. Sometimes letting go is easy and immediate; sometimes it is painful and takes many attempts. At such times, the swords’ air-lesson is plain. Don’t forget to breathe!

In a reading, the ace of swords suggests the beginning of an intellectual pursuit. Have you been toying with an idea for a book? Tempted to try blogging? Dying to sign up for that college course? It can also refer to a desire to know the truth: about someone’s feelings for you, about the JFK assassination, about the universe and everything! Pretty stories are just not going to cut it. Perhaps you’re the one holding the sword of truth, proud of your knowledge and your acceptance of reality. Just be careful where you swing that thing!

Live Omily,


  1. "...the place on my leg where I accidentally scratched all the skin off and it was weepy, blistery, red, and stinging like a bitch for days doesn't hurt anymore this morning!" Now THAT is impressive! I will have to give this a whirl! xo style, she wrote

  2. I hiiiiiighly recommend it! If you find yourself in the Brooklyn area I'll be offering discounted rates for the first few appointments while I continue to get my Reiki legs...if not, there are plenty of awesome practitioners all over the place. Just make sure you find one you feel totally safe and comfortable with.