Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Omily Tarot: Ace of Staves

Something that I always tell myself I'm going to do in Winter, but rarely do, is use all those cold, dark evenings to work on the projects my fiery side is always starting. This Winter, inspired by 2012, I'm actually keeping that promise to myself! I'm taking the time to choose a card, and write about it in my tarot journal everyday (this is in some respects just a crafty way to get me to journal; I'm awful at writing when there's no one else to read it.) The insights I'm finding as a result of comparing cards to daily events, and considering how one card can change the meaning of another have been incredible. I'm really enjoying doing the little sketches of the cards in question in colored pencil, too. I'm getting up close and personal with the imagery, and I'm optimistic that forcing myself to draw a little everyday will develop that skill a bit, too.

I've also been taking time to contemplate, free-associate, sketch, and plan the compositions for the first few cards in the tarot deck I'm making for myself. That's a project I'm really excited about, and I can't let myself even consider how long it'll take me to finish it, what with 78 cards in the deck, and 1 definitively designed. I'm eating this whale one bite at a time.

I'm doing a little bit of stretching everyday, since flexibility is definitely a greater challenge for me than strength in both yoga and aerial, and I'm working on building my meditation practice as well.

I've got a pile of magazine, newsletters, catalogs, etc. near my vanity that I'm making my way through, and yes, in the midst of all this, I'm working on the table of contents for my non-fiction book, and getting back into drafting my novel.

It's a crazy process, trying to keep the passionate fire of my ambitions balanced, with watery intuition and dreams. I may need to go roll in the snow once in a while, assuming we ever get any...

Anyway, last but not least, I'm also writing out a book of interpretations based on the Waite-Smith (formerly known as the Rider-Waite) deck. I'm almost done drafting the pip card interpretations, and am editing them madly now. When all 78 are done, my husband, a graphic and motion designer who works at Nick Jr., will be taking my text and designing a zine-style book (book-style zine?) which I will be offering for sale...I'm super-excited about that. In the meantime, to give you a taste, I'm going to put one of my interpretations into my blog each week...but I'll get to that in a minute.

What's got me so fired up about 2012 anyway?? Well, this year is the first year I took a moment, around 2 a.m. on January 1st, to draw a tarot card for the year. I shuffled the deck up good, and came up with...
This card is, as far as I'm concerned, the ultimate beginning of the deck. And because of its portents of beginnings destined to be huge, passions and spiritual paths, I've shorthanded it, "The Edge of Glory Card" (and I do cite Lady Gaga as the source of that phrase, and a huge inspiration in all parts of my life). I've felt like I'm on the edge of something huge, The Rest of My Life huge, for months, so while it was maybe a teeny bit frustrating to see that I'm still just at the beginning, it was a huge affirmation from the universe that I'm not just suffering from delusions of grandeur. This is the year in which I'll do great things, in which my dreams will come true...or at least start to.

So, because it's my 2012 Year Card, and because the best place to start is the beginning, here's my full interpretation of this card. It is still subject to edits until it appears in hard copy, but this is pretty much it.

"A hand coming forth from a swirling cloud holds wooden wand or staff. Little green leaves flutter down around it, over a verdant landscape, with a castle in the background.
Staves, basically wooden sticks, may seem like an odd choice to represent the vibrant, ever-changing element of fire, but the greenery growing from the stave starts to bridges the gap between symbol and symbolized: this inert-looking branch is full of new, passionate, growing life! It’s also relevant that wood (especially dried out sticks) burn so well. The suit of staves are about a fiery passion that is contagious, grand ambitions in a constant state of flux, being passed on to different ideas, projects, and individuals, and spiritual growth, the ultimate quest.
The ace of staves is traditionally said to represent the greatest potential: think about a tiny acorn’s potential to grow into a massive, beautiful oak tree, providing food, homes, and oxygen for so many, and seeing so far from the crown of its swaying branches!
In a reading, this card may suggest the element of fire is important to the matter at hand, a new beginning of an ambitious project, your spiritual journey, or something with the potential to sweepingly change the face of your life, like fire itself."

In case you're curious, I also got this card for today:
This is just what this card is saying to me today, not my carefully crafted interpretation: Passionate staves can definitely find themselves on the defensive a wee bit often. Ever met someone with a fiery temper? The question is, is this a battle worth fighting? You don't have to conquer this mountain all by yourself. In fact, it'd be easier with a bit of help. This card encourages you to open yourself up to others, and allow them to help you. What if they don't have your best interests at heart? You can still catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The stave is a tool to help you climb higher, not a weapon to help you hold others down.

Well, I'll leave you at that. I still have to work in my tarot journal today! How are you making the most of this time of year, when the trees take a long nap, and being outside is a great deal tougher? This is the perfect time to find a warm (not hot) studio and practice! Choose your tarot card for the year, doesn't matter if it's late, and let it inspire you to renew, create, transform, reflect, and grow this Winter...

Live Omily,

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