Monday, January 30, 2012

The Omily Tarot: The Ace of Coins

It's Monday! My husband caught my healing crisis virus, and is now soliloquizing about poisonous limbs in bed...don't worry, he's not hallucinating! His fever's only 101. I brought him home some summer juice from the Farmer's Market: lemon and apple for a sweet-tart, lemonade inspired flavor (with enough vitamin C to kick this virus's ass, I hope!) without any added sweetener! Sweeeeet! I had some of it myself, and it is mighty tasty. I picked up some blue Adirondack potatoes, too, and apples, and carrots.

Today is a Tarot Day for you guys. It's the Ace of Coins! It's a good day to take the first step down the Coins path, because coins are about the here and now. The coins have had it up to here with psycho-spiritual mumbo jumbo, and would like to know where their next meal is coming from, thank you. It's a pretty vital suit to consider when you're working with the tarot, which can leave your head in the clouds: spiritual journeys, new loves, debating what is can walk around without a hat on all day in the rain pondering those things, only to find you've got a wicked cold! That's the coins jumping up and down and shouting. You should have paid more attention to their gentler calls: a rumbly tummy, a beautiful flower growing beside a perfect, sunny seat...

It's not that the coins are demanding, impatient, or dismissive of all things spiritual. It's just that the spiritual can be all around you right here on earth! Being associated with earth makes the coins practical, yes, but also solid, dependable, and incredibly boutiful, just like the harvest! The Farmer's Market is an awesome place for coins energy...and so is bed with lots of fluids, tissues, and a thermometer if you aren't feeling so hot.

Yep, it's been a coins kind of day around here, and speaking of which, I've been losing myself in research for my book all afternoon, and am suddenly starving...time to lay my sword aside in favor of something a little more down to earth...

Here's the Waite-Smith Ace of Pentacles (pentacles are just another name for that five-pointed star. Mr. Waite felt 'pentacles' sounded way more occult and creepy than 'coins.'), and my interpretation of it. Happy taroting!
A great, yellow coin with a pentacle drawn inside rests in the palm of the great hand, almost as though it’s being offered. The scene below is a beautifully cultivated garden, with an archway in the back, leading out. Mountains can be glimpsed down that yellow path.

Pentacles are also known as coins. What is more practical and less esoteric than cold, hard cash? That’s the lesson of pentacles, associated with the element of earth. After living so much in our spiritual and mental fronts, they remind us to come back down to earth and connect to our bodies. Day to day concerns, practical matters, our health, our livelihood—these are the matters of which pentacles speak.

The Earth is our ultimate mother and provider. The wealth and luxury the pentacles deal in descends from the wealth of the earth—an abundant harvest. Just as the earth gives of its bounty completely freely, there is much overflow of the good things the coins offer us. Just like a garden takes a lot of work though, the pentacles are not about resting on your laurels. You’ve come up with the idea and pruned it down to a sharp, clean plan. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty! If you work hard, the pentacles promise rich rewards.

The ace of coins represents the beginning of a practical enterprise. This new plan to eat better, or get a raise is a solid one. Maybe you’re being reminded to come down to earth and take better care of yourself, or maybe you’re being pinned down as a down-to-earth person, unconcerned with spiritual journeys, torrid love affairs, or knowledge for knowledge’s sake. Yours is a simple path, but likely to be a rich one.

Live Omily,

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