Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eating Omily: The Way to Your Chakras is Through Your Stomach

Woo, so, who knows what a healing crisis is? That's ok, I didn't either, until I was staring down the barrel of one, and now I'm in the middle of one, and oh my, much fun...

But let me explain: as I mentioned in my last post, after the Reiki Attunement, there's a 21-day self-healing and cleansing process where you sort of really get to know the Reiki by reiki-ing yourself everyday. During this time, the Reiki works its way through all of your chakras, one each day, three times through all seven, opening, cleansing, and helping them spin to the tune of Reiki.

So, energetic healing feels really nice, but it can also be suuuper intense, because you're breaking out all this stuff that's sort of stuck, and toxic, and for it to be eliminated from the body, it has to go back into circulation. You might feel, a little tired, a little nauseous, you might have to pee a lot, or you might have a lot of mucus. That experience of being hit with the symptoms of a disease as the disease-causing matter makes its way out of you is called a Healing Crisis. Once it's out, you can experience true, vibrant health, instead of going halvesies by suppressing your symptoms.

Now, imagine a 21-day super-intense energy healing boot camp in which healing energy flow unrestrained throughout your whole body, kicking into circulation everything you've accumulated over the course of your entire life. Imagine the healing crisis that comes along with that. Oh my goodness, you guys, So. Much. Snot. So, that's how my day has been.

ANYWAY, I thought, in light of my chakra experiences, I would share with you a very special Eating Omily Post:

Eating for your Chakras
If you don't know what chakras are, please take a moment and read this. You can skim it, actually, because it talks about a lot of chakra systems, and I'm concerning myself with the typical western one of seven chakras moving down the spine: Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart, Belly, Hips, Root. Just review those parts.

One way to work toward vibrant health is to try to get your chakras spinning a little better, and one way to do that is by what you eat (there are TONS of other ways, but for me this one feels really accessible and natural, that and wearing the color of the chakra I'm working with. So, I've listed the chakras in order from bottom to top, and some suggestions for what you can eat to bring attention and healing to that chakra.

Root Chakra: The root chakra is the color red, and of course, root vegetables are very helpful for opening and nourishing this chakra. Beets might be Mascot of the Root Chakra! Carrots are nice, too, of course, and tubers count in my book. Some warm, hearty mashes potatoes could totally be on the menu. To move in a different direction, consider eating your favourite foods from childhood, to connect you to a time and place where you felt rooted and secure.

Sacral Chakra: The sacral chakra is the color orange, is associated with water, your bladder, kidneys, lower back, sexual organs, and creativity. It's very busy! So take good care of it! Of course, lots of water is great for the sacral chakra. Soup is a nourishing way to give it some love. Maybe just close your cookbooks and get creative! Free-style yourself a delicious, nutritious meal that will get your second chakra singing.

Manipura Chakra: "Manipura" means "jeweled place." This chakra, located in your upper belly, shines bright yellow like your own little sun. It is associated with your stomach, liver, intestines, and your will. This is the day to say no to booze, unnecessary medications, anything your liver has to work hard to deal with. Take care not to eat too little, or to stuff yourself. Revel in how awesome eating is! You can strengthen your will by saying no to dessert or coffee, or make a choice to consciously indulge, letting your sun relax for a minute. Consider honestly which you may need right now.

Heart Chakra: Obviously eating foods that are heart-healthy is one way of drawing awareness to and giving some love to this chakra. This would be a great day to be extra careful to choose humanely raised meat and animal products, or to forgo animal products all together. For me, I chose to eat really socially: snacky foods with a good friend I haven't seen in a while for lunch, and to tap into some heart-warming comfort food for dinner: wholewheat pasta with home-made marinara! Mmmm...

Throat Chakra: Your turquoise throat chakra is all about communication, both expressing yourself, and listening to others. Turning off the Netflix and having a conversation over your meals might be the best way to honor this chakra. Hot tea with soothing honey wouldn't be amiss, either. Maybe make that one recipe everyone knows you for, or, shut up and let someone else take the lead, directing your every move as you prepare dinner together.

Third Eye: The indigo third eye is the seat of our imagination and intuition. Some carrots for good eyesight might show that extra eye a little love. Instead of pulling out that same old cereal box, it might be a great day to take ten or twenty minutes in meditation. Center yourself, open up to your divine wisdom, then ask yourself what your body wants to eat today. The answer may surprise you!

Crown Chakra: the crown chakra is our connection to all other beings, and the Divine. Feeding this one is a tall order, but foods of personal religious significance definitely come to mind (Communion is at the top of my list!). You could eat foods that allow you to be in solidarity with others on our planet. Rice and some veggies might not fill up your stomach, but by opening up to the experience of another human being you share this life with, you're filling yourself up with something much better.

Happy Eating!


  1. Neat post, Emily! I always felt like my Third Eye was telling me to eat EVERYTHING, but lately I have been trying to focus more on what I REALLY want. (Most of the time, it's just fruit!) It can be very empowering. xo style, she wrote

  2. Fruit is one of my favourite things...I love the parade of colors and flavors throughout the seasons. Spring strawberries are a religious experience for me. Isn't mindfulness fun? Bon apetit!


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