Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eating Omily: A Chip on my Shoulder

So, I've been drinking lemon water because the de-toxing and vitamin C qualities are really helpful for my skin. I go to the dentist for my 6-month cleaning today, and she informs me I have four pre-cavities in my front lower teeth from acid burn. No more lemon water!

Getting different well-being suggestions from different practitioners has got to rank up there as one of the most frustrating experiences, especially for my personality type. I tend to take that kind of thing as gospel, and pride myself for having the discipline for consistently following through with instructions. I'm left wondering if I messed up by drinking so much lemon water in the first place (Why didn't I use a straw??), or if I'm asking for my skin to get worse by backing off of it.

The same technique that I use (over and over and over...) in the dentist's chair to get my muscles to relax can serve me when my mind is chasing itself round in circles with these conflicting stories: deep breaths, let it go, and trust the Universe. Everything happens for a reason: thin enamel, eczema, amazing Farmer's Market Potato Chips...

Which does remind me of what I REALLY wanted to blog about, but let me wrap this up first: I told my tale of woe to Ramit, the co-director of Jaya, and the instructor teaching the class I workstudy around. She laughed with me at the absurdity, and even added her own (teasing) addition. When I wondered aloud if I could just drink lemon water through a straw to keep it away from my teeth, she pointed out the number of plastic straws that would contribute to the landfill. Ok, you just have to laugh.

I can accept that the universe is telling me I've had enough lemon water, at least for the next six months. In the meantime, I can keep up the probiotics, flaxseed oil, seaweed, meditation, and calamine, all of which seem to be making a positive difference.

So, INSANELY DELICIOUS POTATO CHIPS!!!! First off, I haven't eaten a potato chip in...a hot minute. Tortilla chips? I wolf those puppies down like there's no tomorrow! But potato chips? The closest I've come is TJ's popped chips, which are made from potatoes, and are salted, so they taste pretty similar, which is to say, like a salty, crunchy thing.

Which is not to say that there's anything wrong with Salty Crunchy Things. I adore Salty Crunchy Things.

So, I picked up some apples (winesaps for aromatic amazingness, and galas for tooth-achingly sweet, crispness), a pound of navy beans, and a pound of another funky grain to try...frankly I've forgotten the name...but it's a type of spelt, and then I spotted a booth with truly amazing unsprayed potatoes of every type. Crates of brown paper bags with white labels took up one whole end after the crates of adorable fingerlings. Sitting in front of the crates of bags were bowls full of brown, mis-shapen potato chips. I was skeptical: these looked a little...burned. But one taste and I realized: of course! Real potatoes yield chips with a little color! And golden brown wasn't the only option: the Andes Blend variety (and yes, there were multiple varities!) was made up of purple peruvians, and a lovely red fingerling. The flavor was subtly heart went to the browned butter (I know, seriously??) variety, made from German butterball potatoes (and yes, the flavor was BUTTERY!) and the Indian Crunchy variety, which had the most perfect chip texture you can imagine, and a backbone of flavor to match: the high mineral content of the Indian potatoes used give them that well-spiced (with only salt!) taste.

At $4 for a two-ounce bag, these chips aren't cheap, but why should something absolutely delicious, but not really super-nutritious be cheap? What I love about the Farmer's Market (among many things) is that it turns that Supermarket Paradigm on its head! Instead of paying pennies for giant bags of chips, cases of pop, and animal flesh of horrifying origin, you pay pennies for delicious, uber-healthy seasonal ingredients that yield incredible results with the simplest preparation.

If you've got a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can treat yourself to fresh pressed juices, pure maple syrup, homemade potato chips, incredible jams and baked goods, and all your typical varieties of meat, along with some not-so-typical. Try the rabbit, it's great! Ostrich is even better!

It's just so much easier to think clearly about what you want to feed yourself and the ones you love under those conditions, and all that fresh air doesn't hurt either! Don't be afraid of the cold weather; layer up and get out there! Our farming community needs you more than ever this time of year, when sales inevitably drop, right when heating costs shoot up, and the abundant offerings of the Fall harvest are a distant memory.

As long as I can to snack on a few incredibly flavorful and satisfying chips with my husband at the end of a long day, I can't get too worried about the Great Lemon Water Debate of 2012...

Oh jeeze, I have to drink some flaxseed oil and brush my teeth (veeery gently!).

Live Omily,


  1. I can't believe that happened from lemon water! Of all things! I like drinking that but will be wary going forward. Feel better. xo style, she wrote

  2. My Reiki practitioner had me on one lemon a day a few days a week, and that was after we shifted down from a lemon a day! I think you're ok with the occasional single wedge in a glass...the key seems to be not brushing your teeth soon after eating anything acidic, because you can brush off the enamel you softened with the acid...shivers!!