Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Blog Equivelant of Eating Christmas Cookies for Dinner

Maybe you thought the Christmas Nostalgia Train had driven off into the sunset blowing snowflakes out of its smoke stacks thought wrong! Again I implore you, put aside your discipline, your hunger for purpose, and just share a little joy with me as I recount the festive activities I've been reveling in throughout NYC...promise I'll get back to standard-blogging topics by the 26th, at the latest!

On Monday I laced up my walking shoes and loaded up google on my iphone with a mission: to see every Christmas store window in Manhattan (at least all the ones of consequence) before meeting my husband at his work at 6.

I started at Macy's and wound my way uptown. The Macy's windows are always designed for a younger crowd, and in a fairly traditonal (if you can call commercialized Christmas traditional) bent...but I have to say, those sugar plum steam punk fairy marionettes have my vote for Worth Checking Out!

Next up 5th avenue was Lord and Taylor's...I didn't even know they did windows! These were super-tradition cozy Christmas, with what looked like more realistic, and somehow more creepy, barbie dolls acting out classic Christmas moments: decorating a tree, caroling, ice-skating, baking cookies...Santa shows up in the last one, being harassed by the family dog. What's fun about these simple scenes is that they were inspired by hundreds of children, who were asked to draw a picture to answer the question, "What is Christmas made of?" These awesome crayon-creations frame every window, and for the backdrop to filler windows between the animated scenes. Little kids draw the craziest things!

From there I shot on up to Rockefeller to see the tree and the angels.
And of course to have a look at Saks 5th Avenue's windows. Now, Sak's broke my heart by changing their light display they do on the front of their building. I lived for that techno-hip-hop Carol of the Bells rendition with dancing snowflakes. The new shit...I mean, new delightful piece, features bubbles, and if you want a reason why, you can check out their windows, but it's never really explained. I feel like these windows were designed by Lady Gaga...back when she was on crack. And by that I mean, they don't make any sense, but they are gorgeous, and the one-of-a-kind fashions featured on the mannequins did in fact make me forget every thought I've ever had about non-attachment and wanting to lower my standard of living to conserve resources for those in poverty. I fear I would put a stiletto through the eye of a starving African child for that Alexander McQueen gown. This picture doesn't really do it justice. Go see this dress...oh sweet baby Jesus...deep purple ostrich feather train...
After that scary moment of questioning everything I knew about myself, I (thank God) headed off for a yoga class. Afterward I made my way up to an even more mind-bending exhibit: Barney's! Barney's, God bless them, partnered with Lady Gaga this year for their windows, as well as Gaga's Workshop: a Little Monster's paradise of unique merchandise and awesome sculptures and displays, with 25% of all purchases going to her Born This Way Foundation. That's right, you can do all your Christmas shopping for me in one place!

This may come out of left field for some of you if you don't follow my twitter and read all the tweets of love I send her, but I am deeply infatuated with Gaga and everything she puts out. My fondest dream is to teach her yoga and become best friends...ANYWAY, my point is, I took a ton of pictures of the Gaga windows. Enjoy!
I also took a couple pictures of the amazing stuff inside the workshop, but if you're a Little Monster, you need to go see this for yourself.

So, after that I did take a peak at Bloomingdale's windows, and that other place with the weird name across from FAO Schwartz at the corner of the park...I'm a fan of the funky bird-human taxidermied stuff they do at that place, and Bloomingdale's windows were pretty cute too, featuring classic holiday bags made huge, sparkling, and occasionally opening up to reveal a surreal animated scene.

With eyes still starstruck by Gaga splendour I wandered home...and scored a last-minute pair of tickets to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (middle of the second mezzanine!). So on Tuesday, after a delicious reiki session from Rebecca (Her businnes, Sapientia Oscen, is linked to on the right; I highly recommend her!!), I made my way back, one final time to Rockefeller Center, to meet my husband for the crown jewel of cheesy/nostalgic Christmas in NYC!
Awesomeness. My husband can't quite understand my fascination with a row of women in sparkly costumes doing high-kicks, but I'm telling you, at least once, you should check it out. If only for the chance to see live camels on the Radio City Stage. Love that Living Nativity Scene! Why not inject a little Jesus into your Christmas celebrations?

And finally, it's Wendesday night. Tomorrow we'll be dragging luggage (well, lugging luggage, I suppose) to the dermatoligist before hot-footing it to LaGuardia to leave this crazy, beautiful town until 2012! Don't panic, it's just until January 2nd, and my crazy family should provide plenty of blogging material.

You've got a couple days left. Leave your blase behind and go enjoy this stuff! Most of it's free; why not make the most of it??

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyful Solstice (and Kwanza, too, when the hell is Kwanzaa??) to you and yours.

Live Omily,

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