Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is the Greatest and Best Cat in the World...

I'm sorry for the lag between this post and the last one; I thought I'd post some Halloween news and pictures, but we had bigger fish to fry.

If you look at the title to my blog, you'll notice a series of seemingly unrelated pictures next to it: a lotus flower, some pickles, and a cat. Well, the lotus flower is for yoga, the pickles are for my self-sustaining kitchen obsession, and the cat is my cat: my beloved Simon. My family got Simon and his brother, Sidney, as kittens, when I was six years old. We grew up together. We lost Sidney toward the end of my college career, and when my husband and I married, we included a memorial to him in our program. Simon came with us live in New York, along with the latest edition to our family, a little fluffy calico named Truffle. Those two cats fought like tigers for several weeks in our roomshare in bed-stuy before finally settling down! Our heat didn't work too well, so every night, Simon would crawl into bed, and under the covers to nest near our feet. My husband, who had never owned a cat as affectionate as mine, was enchanted, and the two became best friends.

When we moved to our own one-bedroom in Kensington, Simon and Truffle came, too. By then Simon was receiving sub-cutaneous fluid injections to keep his kidneys flushed out, and was being fed a special kidney diet in addition to his twice-daily thyroid medication. He started seeing a cardiologist soon after that, and was put on aspirin and plavix, and later, a beta-blocker. In spite of his daily medical routine, Simon remained the same amazing cat, strong of personality, huge of heart.

Early Sunday morning, we rushed Simon to the emergency clinic in Manhattan because he had vomited blood. They weren't able to conclusively diagnose him that night, so he was admitted, and tested more thoroughly the next day. A G.I. bleed that wasn't clotting because of his meds was suspected, so they were stopped, but they can linger in the system for up to a week. His red blood cell count was dropping, his kidneys were declining, and he was tired and not eating. He was medicated for the G.I. bleed, and received a blood transfusion. He perked up immediately, his blood pressure stabilizing, kidney values improving. The next day he started eating again. We are still watching his blood cell count carefully, but it seems to be stabilizing. He may or may not need one more transfusion to tide him over.

Today he is coming home. After days of prayer, long-distance Reiki, healing with Holy Relics, and the best veterinary care we could afford to provide, we are so deeply grateful to have more time with our precious cat. The bond we share with Simon is incredibly strong and deep. He is a part of our marriage.

In our efforts to support Simon as he fought for his life, we've extended ourselves financially more than we can comfortably manage. We can, and will, make sacrifices and handle our financial responsibility, but we are reaching out to anyone who may feel moved to donate to help offset Simon's medical bills via the link below. No offering is too small, and of course, sharing the link with everyone you know is a big help as well.

Here is the link you can share:


Thank you so much for kind thoughts, kind words, prayers, positive intentions, healing energies, spreading of Simon's story, and any financial help you feel moved to provide.

We are living Omily, as Simon always has,

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