Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eating Omily: OMB-Buddha Chocolate

So, I'm a major fan of chocolate. The giant 72% dark bar at Trader Joe's has a spot on my 'grocery essentials' list. If a cookie doesn't have chocolate in it, I'm not only uninterested, I'm offended by its existence. (Unless maybe it's super-dark, chewy gingerbread...) I go to Max Brenner's by Union Square every chance I get. I make hot cocoa from scratch on rainy nights. A enjoy a square of chocolate with my healthy breakfast. I will fight you to be the first in line for a fudgey chocolate cake. I. Love. Chocolate.

So, when raw organic chocolate bars went up for sale at my favorite yoga studio, chocolate made by excellent yogis and excellent people who I have the pleasure of knowing, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a bar.

While waiting for the L train, with shaking hands I tore the (beautiful, might I add) wrapper off a Crystal Salt bar, and took a bite. I know why it's called Buddha chocolate: instant transcendence. The chocolate was soft under my teeth, and began melting immediately, leaving a lightly cool sensation. The flavor was rich, dark, and just...sweet...enough thanks to organic, humane honey. And the sea salt crystals? The perfect foil. This was unlike any chocolate I've ever tasted. If you've had raw chocolate, you may wonder if that's a compliment, but trust me, it is! Buddha chocolate blows every other raw chocolate I've ever had out of the water.
Next I tried a superfood bar: the classic formula with added sources of potent nutrients, such as blue algea, and bee pollen. I could definitely taste those anti-oxident sources, but the chocolate was still rich and delicious, and knowing I was giving my body things that it needed into the bargain made it an especially feel-good flavor. If you want more bang for your buck by giving more love to your body, go superfood!
P.S. Yes, seriously, I could not wait until I got home and took pictures of these yummies to tear them open and take a taste. That good.

I also got to try a Buddha cup, which, good Lord, I'm not sure this is legal: classic Buddha chocolate. Filled with home-made, raw almond butter...amazingly delicious. The texture collision of melting chocolate with thick, rich almond butter was powerful magic, and I felt good knowing I was getting a burst of protein, vitamin e, and good-for-me fats to fuel my afternoon. Added bonus: I felt extra-entitled to eat the whole thing in one sitting.
This is another beautiful incidence in which the right thing to do is the most delicious: Buddha chocolate is handmade right here in Brooklyn by beautiful people doing the right things for the environment and their home. Even if you don't call the NYC area home, ordering chocolate from their website is a great way to choose not to outsource the costs of moving food around the planet, but to take it on yourself. This would be such an amazing Christmas (Birthday? Hanukkah? Etc.??) gift for the chocolate-lovers in your life. Check out Buddha Chocolate's website for more info about their products, places to buy these bars, or to get some of this stuff into your mailbox! They also have a very fun blog, and offer yoga! (Chocolate yoga? Mind=blown.)

Our Puritan roots in this country often lead us to believe that doing the right thing means sacrificing, that indulging is always bad, that there is a price to pay. That last bit may be true: in this case it's $7 a bar. You'll want to take advantage of that bargain. Buddha chocolate is good for the planet, good for the local economy, good for your body, and yes, over-the-top indulgent for your taste buds! Can I get a high five?

Live Omily!

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