Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Expectations

I shouldn't panic. This has happened before. It's been eight days, instead of seven, but I haven't had that House-style moment of, 'Yes. This is what I must share with the blag-reading community.'

Ok. Not panicking. Let's talk about yoga for kids!

I'm auditioning to teach yoga to kids on the 23rd. I do not know the ages, the numbers, or the expectations. In fact, truth be told, I may know the first thing about yoga for kids, and even the second and third, but that's about it.

Not panicking.

Actually, I feel pretty excited about this. I think my teaching style of playful, open-ended, fall down, laugh, get up, try again, exploration is perfectly suited to the smaller set.

What makes me nervous is, you can't expect little kids to run through two or three Sun Salutations for warm-up, and the other aspect of my style: that of let's stay here for a hot second and see what happens while I chit-chat about all the really specific things you can be doing to deepen your expression of the pose, won't sit well with kids at all. Kids often don't sit well. Seated meditation is likely out the window. Who knows what Savasana will bring!

Why aren't I panicking? I am so excited about this! Arguably the first thing about yoga for kids is to release your expectations of getting them into certain poses or getting a certain amount done in the allotted time. Arguably the second thing about kids' yoga is that until children are eight years old, their skeletons are too undeveloped for them so safely hold asanas for more than a breath, maybe two.

Basically, kids yoga is yoga-play: just move your body into some funny shapes, pretend to be some animals; have a great time!

Actually...sounds to me like a kids' yoga workshop for grown-ups is in order...

Live Omily!

"But Jesus said, "Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."-Matthew 19:14

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