Monday, May 16, 2011

"Cherry blossoms, Asparagus, Yoga in the Park" or, "Things to Appreciate While You Can"

Last week I practiced outside in the park two (or three..?) times. It was so lovely! Circumstances have always dictated that I be a strictly indoor yogini, so it was it felt like such a novel idea when the weather warmed up and I realized I was only a six-block walk with my yoga mat away from communing with nature via asana!

And as I said to a few people after that first practice, there's just something about doing Vrksasana (That's Tree pose, and if you feel bad for not knowing, I had to confirm the spelling at surrounded by trees!

But aside from the obvious, the sun warming my back in Down Dog (nope, don't even know where to begin with the Sanskrit for that's got Muka in it!), the freedom to do crazy things like transition to head stand from pigeon pose, a self-guided practice out in nature is full of unexpected joys.

Since I didn't have blocks with me, I attempted to transition to Warrior III staright into Half Moon with my hands at heart center. A dandelion three inches in front of my mat reminded me to activate my manipura chakra, pulling my tummy up and in, providing the strength and stability to stay stable (and use a lot of s's!) as I made my precarious journey from heart and hips gazing at the earth, to gazing at the Ginkgo Biloba tree and bridle path nearby.

A sparrow hopping by (what do you mean? American or English sparrow??) reminded me to not be in such a hurry to transition to tripod headstand, but keep my heart and gaze lifted and soaring in Crow pose.

I was out there every time I had a free forty-five minutes! (And I only made it two, possible three times?? Yes, my schedule is a bit bananas...) I had a nice weekend, spent time with friends, knew I wouldn't make it to the park today, since I had a dentist appt. at noon, followed by a 2:00 and a 4:15 to teach (mentioned something worth noting about that appt. here. However, Tuesdays are a great day to get out to the park and yoga, and I was already looking forward to it...right up until I checked the forecast this morning. Talk about raining on my parade! Rain every single day up until Saturday, and the receptionist at the dentist's office says, until next Wednesday! How dismaying!

So there are a few take-aways here: non-attachement - It's raining this week. And in January it will be snowing. I have to enjoy my park practice when I can get it, and let it go when I can't. Weather Predictibility - It's nowhere near as precise as you think. In fact, any forecast over 48 hours is basically an educated guess. This makes it even less useful to get attached to being bummed over my practice getting rained out. Weather Changeability - If you don't believe me, this is your chance to amaze yourself. Start telling yourself that this rain is going to clear right up in no time. It's helpful if you can affirm this to another person who will agree with you, but not necessary. Do let me know how that goes.

What will be revealed in my indoor practice this week? I trust a great deal, but you'll just have to come back to find out!

Live Omily, and if you can't yoga in the rain, you can always dance in it!

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