Monday, December 13, 2010

2010, 2011, and just a little bit of Right Now

My Christmas Gift to NYC yogis: A super-amped up schedule! I've already added the Friday noon class at Namaste ( to my schedule, and immediately following Christmas, I'll also be teaching the Tuesday 3:00 at Namaste, the Monday 4:15 at Namaste, and the Wednesday 3:00 at Namaste. Two of those are only for two weeks, but the extra class on Tuesday will continue through March, and the new Friday noon class is permanent. Hope to see some new blag-inspired faces in the coming weeks!

Christmas gifts aside, I wish you all the best for any winter-time-holiday you celebrate, or just a warm and safe winter if you don't.

Every year I find myself feeling like I have an overwhelmingly huge amount of things to be thankful for, and this year is no different. I've grown so much as a yogini, and as a yoga teacher this year, it's hard to believe where I was last Christmas.

Of course, to risk a cliche, for me, the greatest measure of how far I've come is how far I realize I still have to go. I've honed my skills, but I'd still like to study more Sanskrit, and get more hands-on teaching about giving adjustments in the classroom.

The other day I found out I can hold down-dog for two minutes before I get tired enough that I can't hold proper alignment. That just about blew my mind. My tight hamstrings, and relatively weak upper body make down-dog one of my most challenging poses. At least, the most challenging one I confront on a daily basis. I remember not being able to take more than three deep breaths without releasing to me knees, and only being able to hold it properly for a few seconds.

That particular moment of joy came to me during a deep-rest class at Jaya Yoga East: the Kensington location of Jaya Yoga Center. I've only recently started practicing regularly there, but so far I've already improved my alignment and learned some new poses. I'm really looking forward to the coming months of study, and not just from taking yoga classes with new teachers at a new studio. I hope to be taking a level one Sanskrit chanting class, and will be auditing a 200-hour teacher training being given at a studio I have a huge level of respect for.

I know 2011 holds a lot of wonderful things for me, and I'm already getting ahead of myself, but I'm trying to let that stuff go for now, and stay in the moment. I'll take twenty minutes to practice meditation before the afternoon gets away from me.

But that's enough about me. What would you like your yoga instructor to be proficient in? What areas of knowledge do you most want your teacher to be fluent in? Sanskrit? Asanas? Philosophy? Anatomy? History? Alignment? Alternately, what areas of knowledge do you most hope to gain from your yoga practice? Is there anything your teacher never gets into that you wish she or he would? Anything she or he rambles on about that just isn't doing a thing for you?

Let me know. I haven't made my New Year's Resolutions yet!

Live Omily,