Thursday, September 9, 2010

What I Learned on my Summer Vacation

Although it appears that the month of August is a black hole in my life, the opposite is in fact true. There was a great deal of goings-on with extra circus classes, lots of subbing opportunities, and a lengthy visit with the in-laws, that, when taken all together, had me reeling. I also took a manipura chakra workshop which was a lot of fun, completely fascinating, and very useful.

The manipura chakra is the chakra located along your spine behind your belly. Manipura means "jeweled place" and it's called that because your manipura chakra shines like a jewel. It is your own little sun that is always inside you. It is the seat of your will, so someone able to work hard and get what they want will likely have a well developed manipura chakra, and someone who simply will not take no for an answer regardless of the consequences probably has a somewhat unbalanced manipura chakra. If you spend most of your day clenching your tummy in tight, it would likely help you to relax and be more accepting of the divine will in your life if you take some time to fully soften your belly and maybe even give it a little rub! If you let it all hang out all the time, you'll protect your organs and prevent back pain by pulling your tummy in slightly while standing, walking, and sitting up, as well as boosting your confidence in your abilities to achieve what you dream of.

Just fyi...

Live Omily,

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