Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's really important to recognize your desires, and then release them to the universe, trusting that what is best for you is what will happen. It's really important to not get attached to the results you hope to attain by a certain course of action. Just enjoy the ride, and let what will happen, happen. This can be a very helpful mindset when something you really want just doesn't seem to be in the cards, or in spite of your best efforts, aspects of a situation you can't control are keeping you from a given goal.

On the other hand, sometimes this mindset sets you up for an incredible surprise from the universe, when that thing you so desperately wanted, and released into the universe, comes dropping into your lap out of nowhere!

My current teaching schedule:

Tues: Loom ( 2:00 open level vinyasa
Namaste ( 4:15 intermediate-advanced level vinyasa

Wed: Loom 2:00 open level vinyasa

Thurs: Loom 4:30 open level vinyasa

Fri: Loom 2:00 open level vinyasa

Notice anything different? :-)


Live Omily,

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