Thursday, May 27, 2010

Restoring Order

For several weeks running, I would go to my 4:00 circus class of earlier blog post fame, then go to a 7:00 Vinyasa yoga class near Union Square. The timing was nice, since I could walk to the L from Circus class, but that yoga class absolutely took everything out of me there was! I sort of liked it...but then I would go home at night and find myself unable to even make dinner for myself. It was just too physically draining to keep up. Then, a friend of mine told me about a yoga studio that just happened to be walking distance from my circus class that just happened to have a 4:00 hour and a half Restorative class, and my circus instructor changed my circus class from 4-6 to 6-8. Now I take the train to my restorative class, and walk to my circus class feeling relaxed, centered, and aligned. In the last few weeks, I've improved my trapeze work by leaps and bounds! I'm still sore Monday morning, but I can get myself out of bed without wincing.

I like it this way better.

Lesson 1: Pushing yourself to find out what you're capable of is a good thing, but when you find out that maybe you're not so capable of going as far as you're pushing yourself, it's good to back off a little.

Lesson 2: The Universe will provide you with everything you need as long as you open yourself up to its own mysterious workings.

Ever try a restorative class? Especially if you're a power Vinyasa devotee, I challenge you to give it a shot.

Live Omily,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Week's Motivation

A few weeks ago, my friend Mona and I had a conversation about the violence that can be done with words. More specifically, how easy it is to say something to someone that will take that person a lot of yoga to deal with. We all have these neat ideas about who we are and how we think and behave, and though we don't often think about it, we do often assume that the way we think we are is the way we come across to other people.

It's really easy to say something to someone, based on how we perceive them, that is completely out of line with how that person thought they were. That is a hell of messy moment. Trying to integrate this opinion, trying to decipher the legitimacy of this opinion, even assuming that every opinion is formed almost entirely because of personal stuff going on with the opinion holder and not with the thing the opinion is of, can take a lot of effort. Integrating the parts of it that may be true, setting in motion the journey of change if the parts that are true don't jive with who you want to be, that's a lot of yoga. That's a whole hell of a lot of yoga, and much more challenging than the most intense power vinyasa.

I bring it up, because the most perfect example of this situation happened to me not one hour ago. The simplest comment, not meant in the least to shake to my very foundations my views of myself as a yoga teacher...did just that, at least for a moment. Well, all the better.

I'll be doing a lot of yoga this week.

Live Omily,