Wednesday, April 14, 2010

St. John's Is Down, Dog!

So, on Monday, I taught a yoga class to the youth group at my church: a group of roughly fifteen teeh-agers! Oh my, what an experience that was...I hadn't worked with that age group much before, and had no idea what I was getting myself into before I got there: would anyone be properly attired? Would there be three confused kids, or a big rowdy group? Would they actually be interested in anything I had to share with them? I was nervous enough to feel like I was going back to high school, instead of just going to work with high schoolers.

But once we got started, I had the best time! They were a great group of kids. There was definitely plenty of commenting and snickering, but after about twenty minutes, a funny thing happened...when some of the kids would start to talk, some of the other kids would go, "SHHHHHHH!!!!" Now that was gratifying. I had set up the flow to take roughly forty-five minutes. In my living room I flew through it in twenty, but teaching it to my husband took fourty-five minutes on the dot. I figured that would leave time to explain each posture, with a brief discussion at the beginning or end.

We got started probably around 6:30, maybe a little before, and wrapped up at 8. It was really amazing helping these kids to look at and feel their bodies moving through space with awareness for the first time. What a privilege! It was definitely a little more challenging for all of us than I thought it would be. It sucked me right back to the early days of my practice, when my downward dog was Old Yeller: in desparate need to be put out of its misery. It's still like that sometimes, but now there are also those moments when it's just a woman's best friend.

I did give a brief explanation before we began, and we had a great discussion afterward too. I really feel like I gave them something; planted a seed. It was so beautifully affirming of my choice to do this for a living.

Best part: Their first question was, "Can you come back next week??"

I was walking on air all the way home.

Shout-out to Emily who took a card and may actually be reading this! If you are, I'm super excited about next week's flow. Get ready to work it, Baby!

Live Omily,

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